Please Note: We will be closed on Sundays through the summer. Sunday hours will resume on September 11th.

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Take in the atmosphere when you walk through our doors. Everyone is welcome and you’ll always be met with a smile. 

Oxford Axe Throwing isn’t just a business. It’s a place to build connections, celebrate milestones and engage in mindful activity among like minded company. 

Being able to work with local businesses to put their work into the spotlight and drum up business by bringing new clientele to the area is just an additional perk and the guys couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it!  

Growing up in rural Connecticut there isn’t a whole lot to do. What started as a fun evening out with friends throwing axes, quickly turned into a passion and drive that brought Oxford Axe Throwing to fruition. Three friends, old and new, got together and began something to bring to our home in Oxford and the surrounding area. 

They got to work crafting what they only had as a vision in their minds. Building targets by hand and throwing axes with family and friends, they began to see the purpose of their mission. A place for people to congregate. A community of camaraderie and entertainment.  Giving back to the oxford community with service and gratitude. 


Tom grew up in Sandy Hook with his parents and older sister.   At an early age Tom developed a love for music.  He began drum lessons in high school. After completing high school he went on to technical school for heating, ventilation and cooling and worked for 15 years at Mitchell Oil in Danbury, CT.  While working at Mitchell Oil Tom met his wife, Lynn with whom he has three children Avery, Archer and Ashley. The Ward family moved to Oxford in June 2018 from Oakville and were immediately welcomed into this amazing community. He began new employment at Sacred Heart University in the last year and continues to provide HVAC services after hours for Oxford residents.  He loves supporting his children in their extracurricular activities and getting out to hike with the family. You’ll find him by the stereo tweaking the playlists and enjoying the time he gets to spend bringing a new or familiar to you through Oxford Axe Throwing


Badass jungle hunter who is most famous for killing lions with his bare hands, Steve gave up hunting wildlife after he choked a few cougars. He currently gets his kicks bench pressing in excess of 500 pounds. Ladies can’t seem to keep their hands off of him, mostly because of his amazing nunchuck game.

Most often known as one of the more sarcastic people you’ll ever meet, you won’t catch Steve ruining your vibes with serious comments. He may have also been drinking when asked to write this bio. He would have written more, but had a lion head he wanted to get mounted on the wall before the drinks wore off. Thanks for reading! 

Justin grew up in Newtown, CT. He met his wife Kelly in high school and they eventually settled here in Oxford CT in 2008. He has three beautiful girls, Kiley, Kara, and Jocelyn who are currently going through the school system and love it here.  Justin owns The Nature’s Edge landscaping company. He started with a truck and trailer at the age of 18 and has grown it into the successful company that it is now. Justin likes to go camping and travel. He also has a love for cars. Oxford Axe Throwing will be a great addition to his always growing ventures.